Performance Opportunities

Just like good food, I believe that music is better when shared with others. For this reason I give my students plenty of performance opportunities.

End of term concerts 

We have a studio concert at the end of every term. The students each choose their favourite piece(s) from the term.  The concerts are followed by refreshments. Through these concerts the students gain public speaking skills through introducing themselves; self-confidence through presenting themselves and a piece that they have prepared to a supportive audience; and analytical skills through writing reviews of other students' performances. At the end of every concert the term trophies are awarded. One for Outstanding Achievement and the other for Most Improved Pianist. The refreshments afterwards provide the opportunity for students and families to get to know each other. These are great celebrations! 

Local concerts

Various other perfomance opportunities come up along the way which are great ways to continue to share the music we love with the community. One of these is the Wellington Instrumental and Performance Group which meets regularly for concerts on Sunday afternoons in Mt Cook.   


There are competitions each year in the Hutt, Porirua, and Wellington. These are a great opportunity to listen to other performers of a similar level and receive feedback from an adjudicator.   

Practical Exams

For those who are wanting to do exams, I suggest NZMEB:  This is the only examination board through which students can gain NCEA credits. I am happy to put students through exams with Trinity or Royal exams also.

Rest Home Performances

I perform in a local rest home during the holidays when I am in town and invite students who are keen to come along too!