What do lessons cover?

Pieces, technique, theory, history, and composition (for those interested).

Do you do online lessons?

Yes. I taught right the way through the the (COVID-19) lockdown via Zoom with great success.

What are the fees?

Lesson fees depend on lesson length. I currently charge $1/minute.

How long is a usual lesson?

Most students have a 30 minute lesson. 

Some young students start with a 10 minute lesson and then increase as they are able. 

Advanced students (Grade 5+) require 45-60mins of lesson time per week.

How are fees charged?

Fees are charged per term and invoiced at the beginning of the term with four weeks to pay.

Do I get a credit for missed lessons?

Yes, if the student is continuing in the following term. If the student does not continue, no refund will be given for missed lessons.

Are there other costs associated with lessons?

Yes. Students must have a keyboard or piano to play at home. Other costs include books and competition/performance/exam fees. 


Laurel Tse Piano is currently located in Johnsonville.


I teach individual lessons. However, often siblings come together and have back to back lessons.